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Source: . The Plantation, Florida-based augmented reality startup announced today that it has raised $461 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm, The Public Investment Fund. com. 7 Mar 2018 Plantation-based Magic Leap has raised $461 million, mostly from investors from investment arm of Saudi Arabia, for a total of more than $2 billion in financing. Morgan, Fidelity Management and Research, and T. 3 billion to date. 22 Oct 2017 Magic Leap, an augmented reality company that has never shipped or even shown a product, has just gotten a $502 million investment on top of its nearly $1. This is Magic Leap. Magic Leap is an unusual startup. 7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap, the augmented reality headset manufacturer, has added another couple hundred million dollars to its Series D investment round, this time $461 million led by The Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm, Tech Crunch reports. The first part, announced in October, was led by Temasek Holdings Pte. 7 Mar 2018 Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund leads latest round of investors in augmented reality start-up. (Magic Leap), 7 Mar 2018 Mixed reality startup Magic Leap announced today that it has raised an additional $461 million in funding, provided by The Public Investment Fund of S. You can see Magic Leap's entire investor history and funding raised here. —. 3 billion in funding, after revealing on Wednesday a $461 million investment from Saudi Arabia. 5B Valuation Led By Alibaba. 9 billion in funding from investors, including Google, Alibaba, and Singapore's Temasek  7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap has raised a further $461 million in its latest funding round, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment fund. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile. It is attempting to construct a light-field chip using silicon photonics. Now the bad news: More than half the investment came from just four major players: Improbable, Magic Leap, Niantic, and Unity. At this point in their history, you've missed the boat. It's raised $1. Screen shot from Magic Leap website announcement of its new product, Dec. With this latest round of  Cap table: In addition to Temasek, other new Magic Leap investors include EDBI (Singapore), Grupo Globo (Brazil) and Janus Henderson Investors. The company has finally  11 Feb 2018 For a company that has been doing something mysterious for the past six to seven years, Magic Leap has raised a lot of funding - no less than $1. Magic Leap is  (View Sample Investor Report). Corporate Round - Magic Leap · 1. 9 billion in investment from brands including Google and Alibaba. This follows the announcement recently of another batch of funding that totaled $502 million with Singapore's Temasek. Series B - Magic Leap · 8. The total of $462m comes as an extension to the $502m round it raised in October, led by Singapore's Temasek, and values Magic Leap at about $6bn. The Saudi  7 Mar 2018 Founded in 2010, the Florida-based company has yet to release a single product to market. (Magic Leap), reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). 5M Series C At $4. View all 9 investors from this round. 5M. 3 billion in funding to date. Most of the new dough comes from the Public Investment Fund (PIF), an investment fund run by the Saudi Arabia  Magic Leap's investors are evidently convinced: the firm has raised more than $540m from Google and other big-league backers. As Lucas Mateny of Tech Crunch noted,  8 Mar 2018 AR startup Magic Leap announced that it had raised another $461 million in funding, primarily from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. At the company's helm is a proven entrepreneur; Abovitz sold a medical  7 Mar 2018 Plantation-based Magic Leap has raised $461 million, mostly from investors from investment arm of Saudi Arabia, for a total of more than $2 billion in financing. P. 8 Mar 2018 Saudi Arabiarsquo;s Public Investment Fund (PIF) announced that it has participated in the Series D equity funding by Magic Leap, Inc. Google. Feb 5, 2014. The round is led by Singapore holding company Temasek, and includes major existing investors like Google, Alibaba,  18 Oct 2017 Returning investors in the $502 million round include Google, Alibaba, J. Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. Magic Leap has raised more than $2. 34 billion from investors for the 12 months ended March 31, according to data obtained from the National  26 Feb 2018 Saudi investors in AR technology Magic Leap have attracted attention due to the millions they'll be putting into the project but what is Magic Leap? 20 Dec 2017 Fans and hopefuls in the VR and AR spaces have long wondered when Magic Leap would finally reveal anything to cash in on years of hype and $1. No, Magic Leap completed one of the largest ever C-round of financing in history, securing $793. Information on valuation, funding, cap tables, investors, and executives for Magic Leap. Morgan Investment Management, and T. Magic Leap has been successful in keeping a lot of its technology under wraps - the augmented and virtual reality technology company has yet to release a Series B. Feb 12, 2018. Augmented reality is described as a revolutionary concept bringing elements of the real world to interact with mobile and other digital devices. 5 million. 9 Mar 2018 Magic Leap is just raking in funding. 3 billion—without having released single product. Temasek Holdings. 9 billion in investments. $542M. Twitter was afire with pans and raves from tech fans who have waited three years for a glimpse of the mysterious product that has drawn $1. Oct 21, 2014. 12 Apr 2018 Venture capital investment in South Florida increased in the last year, but the bulk of it went to one company. It has inked entertainment-focused partnerships like one with Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB (Magic Leap hired ILM cofounder John Gaeta in October). Return backers include Alibaba Group, Fidelity Management and Research Company, Google, J. Alibaba. techcrunch. 4 billion into the company. This latest injection of funds brings the company's fourth round of funding to $963 million and a total investment of $2. Magic Leap is a proprietary wearable technology that enables users to interact with digital devices in a completely visually cinematic way. 5 billion. about it public -- only seemed to stoke hype around the company, which has raised more than $2 billion in funding from big-name investors like Google. The Florida-based startup has accumulated over $2. Since its founding in 2011, Magic Leap has raised more than $2. Magic Leap said it was part of the company's Series  Magic Leap's funding has come from investors including Alibaba Group, Andreessen Horowitz, Axel Springer Digital Ventures among others. 4 billion from a list of investors including Google and China's Alibaba Group. While much of their innovation remains a mystery, we wait in  7 Mar 2018 On Wednesday, Magic Leap announced that it's raised another $461 million, bringing the VR company's total funding to more than $2. The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is a sovereign wealth fund owned by Saudi Arabia, founded in 1971 for the purpose of investing  20 Dec 2017 Magic Leap didn't mention a price in Wednesday's announcement, but people close to the company have previously said to expect it to cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Series A - Magic  7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap still hasn't released a product, but they're continuing to raise a lot of cash to get there. The company described the investment as the second closing of a round that totaled $963 million. Rowe Price. Angel funding from q 9 Apr 2018 Those who've tried Magic Leap One say it's functional, but the company's got a boatload of patents it could license to satisfy investors regardless. We're adding another dimension to computing where digital respects the physical. Its investors include the Alibaba Group, Fidelity Management & Research Company, Google LLC, J. In December 2016 Forbes estimated that Magic Leap was worth $4. Magic Leap was founded by Rony Abovitz in 2010 and has raised $1. Just how magical and how much of a leap Mr Abovitz's company has  7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap, has announced that it has raised $461 million from investors, the biggest investor in that group is the Saudi Arabia sovereign investment arm. “We're excited to welcome Temasek and the other new investors in this round to the Magic Leap family. With this investment, PIF joins a number of prominent global investors in the company. The company  13 Feb 2018 The startup won't detail pricing until it releases Magic Leap One later this year, but expect to pay about as much as you would for a high-end desktop. As the touch-screen was for the smartphone, augmented reality could be the twist that virtual reality needs to go mainstream. Newbies include Grupo Globo, Temasek, EDBI, and Janus Henderson Investors. 9 billion. The Top 21 South Florida-based companies receiving funding netted a combined $1. First stop: Magic Leap One. Most people who saw the company's first product announcement on Wednesday may still be waiting. AR Startup Magic Leap Raises $793. Magic Leap is focusing on developing augmented reality software. The kit is set to launch later this year, with a price tag justified by the fact that it can replace several gadgets, but finer  30 Mar 2018 Magic Leap is known for its secrecy. 7 Mar 2018 By Nancy Dahlberg / ndahlbergbiz@gmail. According to the report, the Saudi Arabian  7 Mar 2018 Augmented reality glasses maker Magic Leap has raised $461 million in additional funding from the Public Investment Fund, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm, and some other new investors. Oct 17, 2017. It resembles a pair of Investors seem to be on board, at least — earlier this month the company raised an enviable $461 million from Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm. 4 billion in existing funding. Youtube: Recode - Feb 13, 2018; Axel Springer is investing in Magic Leap for some reason TechCrunch - Feb 12, 2018; Watch the interview: Magic Leap's Rony Abovitz and the NBA's Adam Silver Recode - Feb 11, 2018; Magic Leap May Have Shed Light on the Name of Its AR Operating System in Trademark Filing 20 Dec 2017 magicleap2. Feb 2, 2016. The company kept its We still know remarkably little about the Magic Leap One. Related: A pair of  7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap announced Wednesday that it had raised $461 million, mostly from Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm. Inspired by the physics of the processes of our visual and sensory perception, they created the Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal. 7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap, the mixed-reality platform startup, announced an additional $461 million in equity funding, with $400 million contributed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's investment arm. As of 2016, Magic Leap has yet to release a commercial product. 20, 2017. 13 Mar 2018 This page provides investment and traction data on Magic Leap, a Developer of mixed reality products. The investment amount from PIF is $400 million, with an additional $61 million coming from unnamed  9 Mar 2018 US start-up Magic Leap has raised $3 billion without generating a cent of revenue and local investors believe it could be done here too. $502M. The Florida company is now valued  7 Jan 2018 These investments occurred across 28 categories ranging from education to music, suggesting how wide-ranging immersive reality is. 7 Mar 2018 Closely watched Florida startup Magic Leap, which makes augmented-reality technology, announced on Wednesday that it had raised an additional $461 million in funding, led by Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm, which contributed $400 million. The PIF joins Magic Leap's other big-name backers including Google and Alibaba. com Magic Leap, the Plantation-based mixed-reality startup, announced Wednesday that it has raised $461 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's investment arm, The Public Investment Fund. 7 Mar 2018 Magic Leap, a secretive startup working in the augmented reality space, said on Wednesday it raised $461 million in its latest funding round, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's sovereign investment arm. , Singapore's  8 Mar 2018 The Public Investment Fund (PIF) announced on Thursday that it has invested $400 million in the Series D equity funding by Magic Leap, Inc. Magic Leap endeavors to make computing feel more natural and in tune with our biology, physiology, creativity and community. Axel Springer. 7 Mar 2018 Just a week after rumors surfaced of a massive new investment in Magic Leap led by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), the investment has been confirmed by the company's CEO Rony Abovitz. Series C - Magic Leap · 9. $793. To date, investors have funneled $1. 23 Feb 2018 Wearable technology startup, Magic Leap, is in talk with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund to secure a $400 million investment, the Financial Times reported on Friday. Morgan Investment Management, Temasek EDBI  20 Dec 2017 The company has strong ties to Hollywood, and Steven Spielberg is reportedly an investor. Series D - Magic Leap · 6